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Author Michael Bernhart

How I Made $3,200,000 from My Hobby: The Max Brown Tetralogy (+1) #1
How Speleology Restored My Sex Drive: The Max Brown Tetralogy (+1) #3

How Existentialism Almost Killed Me: The Max Brown Tetralogy (+1) #4

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Night Sweats: How Moral Philosophy Failed

 The Max Brown Tetralogy (+1) #5


Michael Bernhart is an award winning author who has published extensively on international development and public health – primarily service quality. His credentials for this written out-pouring are a PhD (from MIT!) and four decades of international work – currently 50 coun-tries and counting.


The journey from writing funding proposals to pure fiction was a short one. The result is the Max Brown tetralogy (+1) which traces the arc – from age 10 through 68 – of a man who earnestly tries to avoid trouble, but whose behavior – or events – repeatedly drops him into it. Each of the five novels finds Max fighting bad guys and struggling with a new existential cri-sis as he grows up in these trying times. Manhood used to be a birthright; now it seems to be an unending series of challenges.

Dr. (why not use it?) Bernhart started this project before the internet could serve up virtual experiences to authors. The contextual information and situations come from service as a pilot in the USAF, living in Asia, Europe and Latin America, and inexplicable success at snaring women well out of his league. These remarkable similarities with the main character noted, he insists the work is not autobiographical. It’s wish fulfillment.


Bernhart currently lives in a yurt on a mountaintop in northern Georgia with one ex-wife, two daughters, and three cats. He still flies his vintage plane, although more cautiously than before, and he’s unshakeable in his conviction that he’s God’s Gift to Aviation. He keeps a shotgun, not a pistol for home defense.

In the Press

Reviewers, both professional critics and literary bloggers, have been generous in their praise of the series. Any rating less than five stars is rare. The process of soliciting critical comment has been instruc-tive. Amazon deletes legitimate posts on a whim while preserving humorous, and obviously fraudulent others, that I posted as tests. The most fun were the laudatory comments from fellow authors. The first, on the left, is genuine. The others . . . not so much.

"How I Made $3,200,000 from My Hobby is a sharp, witty debut from a deeply talented and engaging humorist.


"A funny and engaging voice,"


 - Self-Publishing Review

“I read How I Made $3,200,000 from My Hobby by Michael Bernhart with great initial intensity and then, as I kept reading, with increasing self-loathing, for I became surer, with every page, that I would never write a book as lovely, as true, or as pure, as this. I have stopped writing, now. I will never publish again. What is the point?”


 - Karl Taro Greenfield, author of The Subprimes and Triburbia

“I always felt Dr. Bernhart was too good-looking to write something this brilliant.”


 - Michael Fitzgerald, CEO of Submittable and author of Radiant Days

“I WILL ruin you if you put my name on this doddering smut. Don’t fucking test me.”

 - Amelia Gray, author of Gutshot


News & Events


Max Brown arrives

Born to middle-class parents in Pocatello, Idaho, Maxwell Smythe Brown IV is launched on a 68 year trajectory that is immortalized in a series of five books. 


Max Brown chronicles started

Brown makes first attempt at narrating his story. The result is a partial accounting. The writing reflects the bitterness and sense of impotence that are a product of his life circumstances: in a loveless marriage and exiled to a foreign land for sexual impropriety. 


Then things pick up

Brown is signed by a publisher, Hough Publishing LLC.

1 May 2016

Something happens

www.houghpublishing.com goes live. Publishers and critics around the country stiffen to inattention at the news.

People get married. Children are born. They grow up and get married themselves. Some people die. A minor star system snuffs out.


Generally a slow day in the news.

20 May

About the same

How I made $3,200,000 from My Hobby is released after years (1987 - 2016) of incubation. Muted celebrations herald the announcement.

XX Xxx

Something should happen soon

A place holder on the page. Something has to break pretty soon.

And it does! A new book

How Ornithology Saved My Life is released. Brown cranks out – by his own admission – a potboiler.



Holy cow! Another book

How Speleology Restored My Sex Drive hits the shelves. A genuinely good book about racism, parenting, and ED.



You have to be kidding. Another book?

How Existentialism Almost Killed Me: Kierkegaard Was Right is released. Reviewers are unanimous: this is a very good book about drug counterfeiting and espionage.

3, 4


Decatur Book Festival

Come see us at Hough Publishing's booth, #517. An all-expenses paid vacation to Thailand will be given to the 10,000th visitor.

June 2019

The final episode in the Sally and Max Brown series

Night Sweats: How Moral Philosophy Failed is released. Another critical success.


19 May

Then not much happens




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