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Night Sweats: How Moral Philosophy Failed

In the past Max and Sally duked it out with racists, torturers, and drug counterfeiters. Is there anyone left on the planet who can compete with these for vileness? How about doctors and their abettors who remove healthy organs from young women for the sole purpose of selling the organs to desperate patients? The 'donors', unsurprisingly, die. Or, where do men who kill women in the name of 'honor' or throw acid on them fit in the pantheon of despicable humans?

In this, the final episode in their colorful careers, Max and Sally Brown are confronted with different faces of evil, some motivated by greed, some motivated to commit atrocities out of personal insecurity.

Sally, for the first time, tries her hand at writing and shares authorship with her husband.

The action takes place in Switzerland and Jordan. Vivid descriptions of some of the most marvelous sites and scenery found anywhere on earth provide a bonus; in the eyes of some reviewers they were reason enough to read this fast-paced and thought-provoking thriller.